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Even Melbourne’s Crown Casino, frequently recognised as the standard for an Australian casino which successfully attracts global high-rollers, is highly determined by poker-machine revenue.

Outstripping these two classes is exactly what Crown describes as”local gambling”: $479 million in gain is obtained from players playing games on the main gaming floor

This time differs?

However with every new casino proposition, we’re advised that this period will differ. We went searching for signs that the suggested Aquis casino in Cairns will draw in the Asian high-rollers.

While Aquis has generated a 4000-page ecological and societal impact statement, it’s stayed tight-lipped about what gaming facilities will in fact be built. The ACCC notes the casino provides 1500 poker machines but just 750 gaming tables. This configuration of gaming products shows a goal to goal Cairns locals.

Chinese players seldom play the pokies. The “market cultivation” attempts by operators at Macau to make requirement for poker machines have been a dismal failure. As stated by the latest statistics , poker-machine gaming accounted for only 4 percent of gaming cost in Macau’s casinos.

Casino operators at Macau really reduced the amount of pokies they give by more than 20 percent between 2012 and 2014. The pokies from the Aquis casino will be employed by locals.

Placing an extra 1500 pokies at Cairns is very likely to extract a shocking quantity of financial resources from the neighborhood, even when correcting to pokie losses forgone in other bars and nightclubs. Our modelling implies that, normally, every adult resident at Cairns will shell out an additional $240 annually on pokies, or, as a town, greater than $56 million each year by 2021.

These don’t represent the total projected revenue made by Aquis pokies, however, the additional bucks that Cairns inhabitants are very likely to lose, along with the typical $660 annually they spend on pokies in present bars and nightclubs.

More worrying still is how these averages conceal the unequal distribution of poker-machine declines locally. Based on our estimates, according to an analysis of polls of gamblers in Queensland from the Productivity Commission, $22 million of their yearly $56 million additional losses will come from only 950 problem gamblers.

By comparison, people who don’t report some injury from gaming will lose just $16 million. An additional $8 million will be dropped by people who report just a couple of signs of gambling issues.

Pokies across the nation disproportionately target the weakest individuals in Australia. While we wholeheartedly expect that the Aquis casino will probably triumph in just accepting cash from global”amateur gamblers”, publicly spending their hard-earned money in Cairns into the benefit of their neighborhood, we doubt that this is going to be the situation. Rather, the casino is very likely to be underwritten by taxpayers of the Cairns area.

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