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BitLife Apk

BitLife Apk Will you try to make all the right decisions in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the love of your life, have children and get a good education along the way.


Or will you play choices that horrify your parents? He could descend into a criminal life, fall in love or embark on adventures, begin riots in prison, smuggle canvas bags and cheat on his spouse. You choose your story …


Discover how life options can gradually add up to determine your success in the life of the game.


Interactive story games have been around for years. But this is the first text life simulator that really combines and simulates adult life.


BitLife Apk


BitLife is a video game that gives you the opportunity to simulate a life from the moment you are born. In this unique game, each of your decisions counts and leads you to live the life you choose.


Bitlife Apk


The first thing you will read after birth is your character information: name, gender, country of birth, parent information, etc. During the first years of his life, he cannot do many activities since ‘you are just a baby, but as you grow your chances also grow exponentially.


You can play “BitLife Apk” using the menus, just as you would with InstLife. But not only can you choose if you want to study or not, but you can also decide if you do a lot of activities, depending on how you want to live the life of your character. These choices will take you to different events that will appear and could condition your life.


BitLife is an excellent video game that squeezes a lifetime into your screen. The game is very well designed and includes a very easy to use interface. Another surprising feature is that the possibilities are almost endless and all you have to do is choose how you want your character to live from the moment he is born until his last days.



BitLife – Life Simulator 1.14.3 (MOD Unlocked/No Ads)


For those who are interested in a realistic simulation game, the BitLife Apk – Life Simulator is definitely a great game to investigate. It has everything you want with a life

simulation game. You will have tons of different interactive functions, which would give you a lot of fun. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.




The game relies on its players to discover and shape their own stories, so you are free to do anything in BitLife Apk and your actions will determine which direction you are going. Start your life like, well, sperm.

Bitlife Apk

You will have access to all related options that are related to your characters. Do everything you want, make your own decisions and find out if they are right or wrong.






These are some of the most notable features that we believe all BitLife Apk – Life Simulator players would love to:


Personal stats to evaluate yourself


In this game, players will have access to various actions and decisions that would eventually affect their personal statistics.




Having good health is always essential if you want to live a full life. This will allow you to participate in more activities. Increase your work performance and avoid having a short and unfinished life.




People must be intelligent to understand the things that happen around them. That said, you must spend a certain amount of time studying and learning new things so you can increase your level of intelligence.



Bitlife Apk

You are born with the faces that your parents give you. It can be ugly or beautiful, it doesn’t matter. In BitLife – Life Simulator, everything can be changed. It only takes a little money to back it up.


That said, to improve your appearance, you can take care of plastic surgeries that can transform you into a Brad Pitt resemblance.


You can even go as far as changing your gender if you feel that the old man is no longer adequate.



Various activities to enjoy

As it is a life simulator title, players will have the option to try everything and face their own consequences.



This is probably the most boring activity, but since it brings you money, you can’t skip this. You will need money to keep the business, buy what you want and support your loved ones.



And occasionally, partying is not a bad idea. It helps reduce stress and allows you to meet new people. Who can potentially your future partner? In addition, you will encounter all kinds of situations while staying at the club, such as getting caught in a fight, others offering you marijuana, etc.



It is important to keep your body fit so you can look better and attract other people. In addition, having a good fit would allow you to maintain good physics. This can be useful in certain situations, such as having thieves visit your home or fight thugs, etc.


Plastic surgery

Another way to look good is to see plastic surgery doctors. Having a successful operation would make you a wonderful human being. You will have a better chance of finding an attractive date.



Studying is always the safest way to succeed. However, the learning processes are often painstakingly long and boring, it would take a long time to finish your education. If you can’t stand that, then there are other ways to succeed.


Bitlife Apk



If you don’t want to study, of course, there are other ways to get rich relatively quickly. And one of them is to go to the Casino where people risk their lives. Win and you can earn a fortune that would lead a life of constant work. Lose and you will have nothing left.


Commit crimes

If you have not been making enough money at the Casino, it is likely that the game is not your thing. In this case, why not take your business elsewhere? More specifically, criminal paths are not so bad for you. Well, if they don’t catch you, of course. That said, you can earn some money doing illegal things.



However, for those who are unlucky and are in prison, life can be a bit dark. While you remain in prison, you don’t have many things to do that would eventually lead to poor health, unhappiness, etc.


Therefore, if you think you can’t stand it, you can plan an escape to take advantage of your freedom. Or you could ask for a boost to your prayers.


Interactive NPCs with realistic aspects


With many interactive NPCs with realistic elements, players can experience exciting relationships with other characters in the game. You can make them your friends, dates or even your own partner if you wish. Each character will come with a certain set of traits that identify them.


It looks

Depending on your preferences, this could be one of the most important or least important aspects.



Having a smart friend or partner would be helpful because they can provide a brilliant solution to your problem. They are also easy to carry and are likely to give you a happy life.



While money is not everything, it is something you should not overlook. Having rich friends will be excellent for your business since they can help you with many things. As for the couple, a rich couple will allow you to live a comfortable life without having to worry about most things.



All NPCs in the game have this feature. Show how much you are willing to do things that are out of your mind. While having a quickie with them can be fun, an established relationship doesn’t seem like a good option.


Bitlife Apk


Have a relationship and build a family.


And if you think you’ve met the right person in your life. The two can settle together and start their own families. You can have your own children or adopt others if you want to enlarge your family and bring more laughs to the family.


Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, the game has no notable graphic elements since the game is text-based. However, with a clean organization, you will have access to all options whenever you want. The sound effects are somewhat exciting since it has matching soundtracks in certain situations of your daily life.


Download BitLife Apk MOD latest 1.14.3 Android APK


For those looking for a great simulator game to enjoy during their free time. With a relatively deep game, you can enjoy all aspects of life with the BitLife – Life Simulator.


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